Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind Brand

As experts in research and development of plastic injection technology, CLF is constantly challenging to create higher level of injection molding machines. Our solid team has innovative spirit to provide superior quality equipment. Our expertise gives you peace of mind.

Create New, Sustainable Enterprise

Chuan Lih Fa (CLF) Machinery Works Co. Ltd was founded in 1966, and after half-a-century, it has evolved from a local factory to an international brand in plastic injection machinery. Starting from small size plastic injection molding machines, through constant improvement and innovation, CLF now has diverse models to provide complete plant optimization and provide global service.

Currently, CLF is focused on R&D, manufacture and sales of plastic injection machinery, and is known in the market for its super-large, high precision and high performance plastic injection molding machines. Upholding the spirit of pursuit of excellence and sustainable innovation, CLF has never halted its progress in the development of plastic injection molding technology.

Due to market demands and expansion of business, in addition to the R&D headquarters in Taiwan, CLF also has a manufacturing plant in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, which is highly productive. CLF machinery has excellent quality and is very stable, sold globally to over 40 countries.

From the force to pushing the world forward to nurturing cornerstones of innovation, CLF firmly believes that frequent changes will create the extraordinary. We are happy to invest resources, nurture talents who are willing to innovate, with heavy involvement in the field of plastic injection molding, to break new grounds in creating technology that is truly global.

Innovation At Fifty

CLF was created in 1966, with the initial goal of “one more improvement”, the company was fully involved in the field of plastic injection molding machinery. Today, CLF has become the top global brand in plastic injection machinery. Beginning with 3-5 people as a local manufacturer and becoming a well-known enterprise after 5 decades, CLF has taken all the experiences to heart. In the management process, the company felt deeply that vitality for the enterprise only comes from having a solid team. Only by seeing people as the basis, can CLF’s culture heritage of perseverance and constant innovation be nurtured.

We insist on innovation, and are focused on expert manufacture and development of injection machinery and to provide vertical integration in the plastic industry. By offering clients more information and service, we hope to break new grounds globally in the field of plastic injection molding machinery.